We – the maintainers of this project – value your input, enjoy feedback and welcome improvements to our Open Source projects.

We love issues and pull requests from everyone.

Problems, suggestions and questions

You don’t need to change any of our code or documentation to be a contributor. Many contributors add to our software by reporting problems, suggesting changes and asking simple and difficult questions. To do this, you can create a GitHub Issue for this project.

Documentation and code

If you want to add to the documentation or code of one of our projects you should make a Pull Request. If you never used GitHub, get up to speed with Understanding the GitHub Flow.

1. Make your changes

Add your changes in commits with a message that explains them. Document choices or decisions you make in the commit message, this will enable everyone to be informed of your choices in the future.

If you are adding code, make sure it adheres to the project’s code and documentation style guide before you submit your pull request. If the project uses tests, make sure to write tests that show the behaviour of the newly added or changed code. You can read more about how to document, test and style your code in the project’s README.

2. Pull Request

When submitting the pull request, please accompany it with a description of the problem you are trying to address and the issue numbers that this Pull Request fixes/addresses.

3. Improve

It could be that your contribution can be merged immediately by a maintainer. However, usually, a new Pull Request needs some improvements before it can be merged. Other contributors (or helper robots) might have feedback. If this is the case the reviewing maintainer will help you improve your documentation and code.

If your documentation and code have passed human review and have passed the automated tests, it is merged.

4. Celebrate

Your ideas, documentation and code have become an integral part of this project. You are the Open Source hero we need.

For more information on how to use and contribute to this project, please read the README.