Signalen for civil servants

We’re improving Signalen so that municipalities everywhere can benefit.

Signalen’s advantages include:

Operating Signalen

Signalen is unlike any other control center software currently on the market.


Amsterdam’s Signalen implementation has a high uptime. We believe an even higher percentage is possible. We’re currently extending Signalen to make it easier to maintain and troubleshoot.

Read more about Amsterdam’s use of Signalen (in Dutch).

Easy maintenance and support

We’re building Signalen to be open source from the start. This allows a flourishing vendor ecology to develop, so that cities have real choice in their procurement and implementation.

Signalen was built from the start to comply with these laws:

Standards compliance and APIs

Signalen is built around common standards and APIs to make it easy to exchange data with other systems.

Signalen already complies with:

Signalen is easily connected to existing nuisance complaint systems (like Verbeterdebuurt and BuitenBeter.

It already has APIs for connection to common municipal contractors’ systems (like Sigmax).

Learn more about Signalen

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