Common Ground

Common Ground stands for a new, modern, joint information provision for municipalities. Where data is seperated from work processes and applications. And where data is used multiple times at the source. In essence, that is the basic premise of Common Ground. A radical reform of the provision of information, which requires a new way of collaboration between municipalities and the market.


Because Signalen has been developed with public funds, the municipality of Amsterdam considers it important to share its findings and results with other municipalities in the Netherlands.

Signalen and Common Ground

Signalen has been applied to the design principles of Common Ground, making it quickly, easily and safely available to municipalities in the Netherlands. Signalen is optimized for the Haven reference implementation, the standard cloud-agnostic infrastructure used for all Common Ground initiatives.

Who owns the Signalen?

The Signalen code is public and you cannot speak so much about ownership but rather about who is the maintainer of Signalen. The Signalen code is currently managed by the Municipality of Amsterdam and VNG Realisatie and they are faciliated by "Code Stewards" of the Foundation for Public Code.

Working together on Signalen

In collaboration with VNG Realisatie, the municipality of Amsterdam, 's-Hertogenbosch, Almere and facilitated by the Foundation for Public Code, Signalen has been made accessible to every municipality in the Netherlands.

In accordance with the principles of open source, anyone can submit suggestions for adapting or improving the software. Using Signalen together and improving Signalen together. In this way, we work together to improve customer satisfaction and the quality of life in our municipalities.