Notes from Signalen Community Meetup

Notes from Community Meetup

Signalen is the open source initiative of Dutch municipalities to receive and manage notifications and nuisance reports. Last Monday, March 22nd we held our first community meetup from 2021. With over 54 participants from municipalities and market parties, we took new steps to bring Signalen to more municipalities in the Netherlands.

New Signalen municipalities

After the opening in the main track, the participants moved into two groups. The first group consisted, mainly of municipalities interested in using Signalen. All the ins and outs of Signals and working together on open source were discussed. After the meetup, eight municipalities started using a personalized Signalen test environment to explore in their own time whether Signalen is a good fit for their organization. In the coming period, we will work with them to discover whether they will participate in the Signalen movement on a permanent basis.

Market and government cooperation

In the second group, we explored market-government collaboration. The goal here was to get to know each other better and to see how market participants can help the Signalen community to further scale up Signalen and vice versa.

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More information and presentations from the Community Meetup (in Dutch):