Roadmap Signalen July 2021 - December 2021

The product steering group has been busy working with all community members of Signalen to determine which functional improvements they would like to see within Signalen.

The second half year we have decided to focus our efforts on making Signalen more user-friendly for the people who handle the notifications. Below is a summary of the features we will be working on:

Priority Feature theme (epic) Description Complexity/ Scope of work
1 Granularity of read and write permissions Adjust dropdown to read-only users -> small (depends on 1) medium / large
2a Filtering Refactor large
2b Filtering Autocomplete add address small
3a More user-friendly management Routing rules in Django admin small
3b More user-friendly management Machine learning, research needed large
3c More user-friendly management Additional questions implementer in front-end large
4 Enrich data dump Enrich data dump small/medium
4 Notify practitioners Send mail / Make configurable medium

More detailed information can be found on our project board on Github with user stories labeled as “Roadmap 2021”.

At the moment the product steering group is busy looking together with other community members how this functionality can be funded and implemented.