Using Signalen

Since mid-2020, Signalen is also available to other municipalities and governments in the Netherlands.

Would you like to know more about how you can start using Signalen in your municipality? Please contact us for an (online) demo of Signalen.

For project and product managers

Are you responsible for the public space within your municipality and would you like to help further shape the future development of Signalen? Then you can contribute in the following ways:

Every two weeks, the Signalen product steering group meets to discuss all new feature requests and decide which features will be further developed. If your feature request is being processed, you are welcome to further explain your feature request in the consultation.

Would you like to participate in the product steering group? Or would you like to know more about how decisions are made in the Signalen community, please contact us.

For developers

Are you a developer and would like to help us with the further development of Signalen? Please contact us via the Common Ground Slack to explore how we can make Signalen better together.

For small very small things, opening a pull request is fine, as the developers have some time reserved for reviewing and responding to contributions. For larger contributions, joining the Weekly Technical Steering call first is recommended. Joining the weekly tech call will help ensure that a feature makes sense to all the developers, and that the approach chosen by the new contributors will be aligned with the technical trajectory of the codebase. Getting consensus that the issue is well defined in GitHub, along with agreement as to what the solution approach should be, will be essential to getting a pull request approved and merged. An important part of the pull-request-and-review cycle (prior to merge) is developers coming to a shared agreement that the code is good enough, well enough tested, and maintainable enough that it makes sense to merge it and maintain it.